Here at MeemawTech we’ve created a rating system based on the following principles: –

  • First and foremost, our articles and reviews are written with the needs and values of the silver surfer generation and senior consumers in mind.
  • We will provide product highlights in an uncomplicated, honest, and concise format.
  • Wherever possible we will provide a selection of similar products to give you a comparison and choice.
  • We’ll identify both common and unique attributes in group reviews, as well as any outstanding advantages and/or disadvantages.

We hope this enables you to make an informed decision.

Naturally our reviews cover product specific features, for example battery life and size. We also consider three common criteria that are important to many senior consumers, they are: – 

Ease of use

  • Is it complicated?
  • Is it reliable?
  • Will I need support?


  • Will it benefit your health?
  • Does it improve your safety?
  • Does it help you connect with others?


  • Does it improve your freedom?
  • Does it build your digital confidence?
  • Will it save you time and effort?

To keep it simple, we use the following “MeemawTech-ometer” icon rating system: –


The Delighted icon represents the very best rating. A product or product feature that receives this means we love it!


The Happy icon is a great rating. A product or product feature that receives this means we whole heartedly approve and would happily recommend it.


The Content icon is used when on balance the product or product features are satisfactory. There may be a minor concern, but on the whole, we could easily live with it.  


We’ll not recommend a product that we award a Disappointed icon to. However, if it relates to a specific product feature, and we like other features, then you may wish to consider it.


The Unsatisfactory icon is used when we believe the product should be avoided. Even if other features of the product are above par, you really should consider other options.