Smart Houses: A review of the best Smart Plugs

Electrical Outlet

An Introduction to: Smart Plugs In this article we look at the best smart plugs available today. If you’re not familiar with these devices, let’s look at some of the benefits they offer – in particular for for the elderly. But first, what is a smart plug? What is a smart plug? A smart plug … Read more

Smart Houses: A review of the best Robot Vacuums

Robot Vacuum

An Introduction to: Robot Vacuums Keeping your house clean and tidy as you age can become more and more of a chore. You still want to take pride in your home, but It’s time consuming, vacuum cleaners can be heavy and cumbersome and you may be at risk of falling. A number of manufacturers have … Read more

Phones for Seniors: A review of the best Landline Phones for Seniors

Landline Telephone

An Introduction to: Landline Phones for Seniors We live in an age where the cell phone is now more commonly used in the home than the landline telephone (source: National Center for Health Statistics). That’s not to say there’s no place for the traditional landline anymore. In this article we review 5 of the best … Read more

Phones for Seniors: A review of the Best Cordless Phones for Seniors

Cordless Phone

An Introduction to: Cordless Phones for Seniors In this article we review 5 of the best Cordless Phones for Seniors. But before we get to the reviews, we should understand some of the general benefits these devices offer. Why would someone need a cordless phone and what makes them suitable for seniors? Communication at all … Read more

Phones for Seniors: A review of the best Cell Phones for Seniors

Cell Phone

An Introduction to: Cell Phones for Seniors It seems like every day a new smartphone is released, and no wonder when there are about 1.5 billion sold each year! Many of these handsets are targeted at the tech savvy consumer who wants the latest, fastest, greatest device to run the newest apps. There is now … Read more

Personal Alarms for the Elderly: A review of the best Incontinence Alarms


An Introduction to: Incontinence Alarms Before we review our carefully selected range of Incontinence Alarms for the elderly, it’s definitely worth understanding a little about urinary incontinence. According to the National Association for Continence there are over 33 million adults in the US that suffer from some type of urinary incontinence or bladder condition. There … Read more